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Keep it Clean
Keep it Clean Upcoming Gigs - April 2013
Wed 3rd: Cabin 5150, Macclesfield
Thu 4th: The Globe, Glossop
Fri 5th: The Met, Bury
Sun 7th: The Hilary Step, Whalley Range, Manchester.
Tue 9th: Talking Heads, Southampton
Wed 10th: The Old Duke, Bristol
Sat 13th: The Verge @ The Rifleman, Stalybridge.

I was gigging in Amsterdam last year and jammed some blues with Irish guitar ace Dick Farrelly. It sounded so good we decided we must record an album together. Two months later Dick flew over to Manchester and we drove to the studio and started recording. 9 ½ hours later we had the album in the can. All the tracks were recorded live with a few overdubs added, some covers, some original and one even composed on the spot.

Dick has played with Mary Coughlan, Van Morrison, Mick Taylor, Noel redding and many other blues alumni from these Isles. You can find out more about him at:


David Kidman -
"..wonderfully unpretentious.." "Faultless in execution.." "..a striking sense of spontaneity.." "Timeless goodtime blues.."
Colm O'Hare - The Hot Press
"..a terriffic session.." "..smouldering performances.." "The playing is loose and organic but faultless throughout.." "..both performers reach intense heights."
"Mat Walklate is a really good singer." "..two perfectly balanced musicians.."
" excellent showcase for two masters of their respective instruments."
John O'Regan - Caught In The Act.
"..a formidable pairing.." "..soul drenched performances.." "..fresh and exciting.."
"..impressive.." "..a dose of intense blues.." "Walklate convinces both as a harpist and singer.." "Farrelly's guitar is delicious."
Jefferson - Sweden
"..they really swing.." "..enjoyable, well-crafted and catchy music.."
Blues Underground Network
"..ten exceptional tracks.." "..fabulous harp playing.."
Blues Matters
"..a really enjoyable album.." "..two great musicians, kicking back and enjoying themselves.."
KBLF Blues Web Magazine
"..skilled harp and a fine voice.." "..beautiful.." "..magnificent.."
"..virtuoso performances.." "..the duo plays with real verve.." "..vitality and versatility.."
"..great guitar!" "..harmonica playing is very clean and catchy." "Keep It Clean is an absolute must for those who like acoustic blues.." "..the level of this album is extremely high.."
"..they are completely on fire.." "..class musicians." "Inventiveness and virtuosity.."
"..two really great interpreters of the blues.."
Blues News - Finland
" excellent programme of largely vintage blues and some jazz. "Very impressive."
R2 - Rock 'n' Reel
"..two talented musicians having a blast." "..nothing can detract from the sheer quality of the quality of the musicianship."" leaves you wanting more."
"..excellent solos.." "..Mat shines on harmonica.." "..beautiful voice. " "..tasty guitar.."
"..the musicianship on this album is superb." " album that will sound great for years to come."
Bluesnews - Germany
Jazz 'n' More - Switzerland
"..unpretentious freshness.." "..fine musicianship.." "..virtuoso acoustic harmonica and authentic singing.." "..Dick Farrelly is a versatile, sensitive guitarist who knows how to mix classic Blues riffs with jazzy chords or singing slide." "Joy and charm flow through this duo."
Fabrizio Poggi - Folk Bulletin
"..spontaneous and fluid.."
World Of Harmonica
"Masterful and magical". "On constant replay."
Blues In Britain
" unclassifiable tour-de-force.." "..both men certainly impress with their playing.."
"..irresistible.." "Chance meetings sometimes lead to unexpected great moments of music and Keep It Clean is the proof!"
"..excellent musicians.." "A real winner."
Brian Harman
"..clean, crisp, relaxed playing.." "Very fine indeed!"
David Hennessy - The Irish World
"..this is a duo that could not disappoint in any venue." "Their sound is raw, melodic and with more emotion than anything this reviewer has heard in a while."
Paul Jones - BBC Radio 2
"..lovely harmonica.." "..superb guitar.."
Joachim Brookes -
"..dynamic harmonica.." "..wonderful guitar.." "Class!"
Philip Verhaege - keys and chords
"An extremely handsome production." "Put these guys on stage in a dark blues club on a Saturday night and you will have a great concert."